BVOP Certified Project Manager

BVOP® Certified Project Manager

BVOP® Certified Project Manager is an Agile project management role created by the UK-based certification body Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd.

BVOP indicates the main focus of this role:

  • Providing business value for projects by adding effort and knowledge to product development and project management methodologies.
  • Process optimization by monitoring and changing the way teams work.
  • Waste elimination by following Kaizen and Lean principles and rules
  • Participation in the management of entire programs
  • Knowledge and implementation of product management practices and Product development processes and their support.
  • Building an optimal work environment by consulting teams and ensuring a good working culture and respect.
  • Increase productivity and speed by eliminating unnecessary documentation and providing more optimal documentation. Eliminate unnecessary project management practices and implement better processes.

History of BVOP® Certified Project Manager role

The BVOP Certified Project Manager title was created in 2018 and is nowadays popular worldwide. Agile and the business-oriented principles that BVOP imposes have quickly received recognition from many professionals around the world.

Combination of BVOP Certified Project Manager with other popular positions and professions

This new project management role is well-suited to both project managers working in technology projects and companies, as well as technically competent Product Manager and Product Owner roles.

The teaching and certification in this title are also highly suitable for Scrum Master roles working with the Scrum methodology.


Certification for this role is completely online at

The certification process is as follows:

  1. Self-study on materials published in the BVOP Ultimate Guide
  2. Passing the online exam successfully
  3. Candidates can optionally take unlimited exams

Test exams are designed to help applicants and prospective certified professionals get the most real-world experience of the real exam. In this way, they see the exam questions and can easily understand if they already have sufficient knowledge of the subject.

Features of project management teaching

BVOP teaching has its strengths and is very different from traditional project management teaching. The BVOP Ultimate Guide has published all sections and sections of the training materials. BVOP Ultimate Guide is a free to use free "book" with all the business principles created by the organization.

BVOP certification is included in the List of the top 13 best project management certifications for 2020 (

Cost of BVOP project management certification

The officially announced price for the BVOP Certified Project Manager program is $ 130, but you may also receive a promo code for the discount.

The promo code can be used for more than one BVOP program and more than one platform user.

Validity of certificates

All BVOP certificates do not have a validity period. The documents are open-ended. There are no additional fees for renewal of the diploma or other hidden charges.

Issue of the certificate

Certificates are automatically issued by the platform after successfully passing the online automated exam. For the name of certified professionals, the system uses the username of the platform.

The certificate is in digital PDF format and each document has a unique identification number and a reference indicating the validity of the document.


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